You can use So So Gay to reach our audience of over 500,000 unique readers per month across our website and social accounts.

Branded Stories

Branded Stories sit at the heart of every brand partnership. SSG‘s creative team work with brands and agencies to communicate a brand’s messaging and aspirations through original stories and inspire students to share.

The success of Branded Stories is measured against guaranteed engagement and pageviews targets.

Custom Branded Stories

Custom Branded Stories are our premium branded story product created using Shorthand or from scratch by our in-house design and development team. They make use of high-impact video formats and full screen parallax imagery on both mobile and desktop.

The success of Branded Stories is measured against guaranteed engagement and pageviews targets.

Branded Social Video Stories

SSG‘s video production team create short, snappy, shareable videos designed for sharing on Facebook, and their social video stories are now watched more than 100M times every month. This team also works with brands to help them engage and tell stories to 100,000s of students on Facebook by creating Branded Social Video Stories.

Branded Story Units

Brands can promote Branded Stories on our homepages and in-read to reach and engage more than 1M students every day. Benefits include:

High engagement: 2% average CTR is 10x higher than the industry standard for banner advertising.

Social Promotion

Brand Stories and Branded Social Video Stories are posted across SSG’s Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, instantly reaching more than 50,000 fans. We will use paid promotion to have these posts to be seen by your specific target audiences.



Brands can reach student audiences using our suite of mobile, desktop, video and native advertising units. Our online inventory can be accessed programmatically via a number of DSP’s. Our teams can also help non-programmatic advertising buyers to create, manage and deliver display campaigns on their behalf.