Australian footballer Andy Brennan comes out as gay

26-year-old Australian footballer Andy Brennan has come out as gay on Instagram, making him Australia’s first professional male footballer to come out as gay while still playing the game.

Andy, who plays for ictorian NPL side Green Gully, made the announcement on Instagram on Tuesday night. “It’s been tough to talk about this, but I couldn’t be happier with how people have reacted to the news. I always wanted it to be on my terms and in my words and I can’t thank everyone enough for the support.”

He also published an essay on the Professional Footballers Australia website.

“It’s incredible saying that now; it feels amazing. And weirdly, it doesn’t feel like a big deal. Really in 2019, it shouldn’t be.

“But I couldn’t be happier that despite taking so long, ruminating over this decision for so many years and being entirely unsure about myself, I can finally come out and say it.”

“For people wondering why it is important for me to share this – the reality is, is that no straight person has to ever question how those around them might respond to their sexuality,” Brennan wrote.

He joins Ian Roberts as the only top-level Australian sportsman to ever have come out as gay. Roberts, a former NRL player, came out in 1995.

Written by Caspar

Caspar was born in Scotland but has lived in London since he was old enough to leave home. He works on social media campaigns for some of the worlds biggest brands, and manages So So Gay in his spare time.

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