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London drag queen performs at far-right Day for Freedom march

Vanity von Glow was introduced to the stage by EDL leader Tommy Robinson

Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

A well-known London drag queen performed yesterday at the far-right ‘Day for Freedom’ march, alongside Milo Yiannopulos, Tommy Robinson and Raheem Kassam.

Buzzfeed reporter Ryan Broderick shared a video of Vanity singing Shania Twain’s That Don’t Impress Me Much.

Ryan Broderick on Twitter

A UK drag queen at a protest against globalism is singing Shania Twain’s (a Canadian) song because Twain said she would have hypothetically voted for Trump in the US presidential election. #Dayforfreedom

However, followers of the event on social media and in attendance were less than impressed.

🇸🇾 Furd Terguson 🇸🇾 on Twitter

@CaolanRob Caolon, you managed to organized a rally of thousands of young white British Nafionalists, and this is kind of garbage you put in front them? Shame on you

🅰️lexander Lewis on Twitter

@CaolanRob Are we supposed to be impressed they this dude is dressed like a chick? Dressing like the opposite Sex and making religious people uncomfortable in public is something we promote? Love your life however but this is doing more, this is promoting it to the kids. Shame on you

commonly known as the man Brian #sovereign on Twitter

@CaolanRob @The_English_909 You know #daydorfreedom is a load of bollocks when they bring this lot in…. they infiltrate everything to lead the masses off track

Stephanie Lamy on Twitter

@CaolanRob Crowd wasn’t “much impressed”.

James Rankin on Twitter

@CaolanRob Well that’s a big aids-ridden skid-mark on a potentially wonderful day


One right wing news site reported that Vanity “sang several numbers and in-between songs spoke of how the exercise of free speech in the context of cabaret played an important part in obtaining freedom for gay men to express themselves without fear of prosecution.”

Shon Faye posted a thread about the incident, highlighting issues she perceived with a drag artist performing at such an event.

shon faye. on Twitter

I mean do I need to even say what’s wrong with this?

Vanity was supported by fellow drag queen Lady Lloyd.

Lady Lloyd on Twitter

adore this new ‘cancelled’ culture! Shania is cancelled..yet is on a sold out world tour! Kanye is cancelled but his next album will go straight to number 1! Trump is cancelled but is the President of the US! Vanity Von Glow is cancelled but sells out her show every week!!!

Camden drag venue Her Upstairs posted a statement on Facebook noting “we value everyone’s right to speak freely, but we do not endorse discrimination of any kind and or speech and values that threaten the safety and support of any and all members of our community or any community. The “Day of Freedom” was deemed far right propaganda masquerading as the promotion of freedom of speech.” and that they will not be booking Vanity again until she releases a statement explaining her actions.

Update 8 May 2018 09:55am: Vanity posted a statement on Facebook where she states “I accepted the request not because I couldn’t wait to stand in a lineup with people whose politics I supported, but because I felt I would be a hypocrite to only champion free speech when it suits my own ideological ends.”

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