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About So So Gay

So So Gay is the UK’s most popular and fastest growing online LGBTQ lifestyle magazine. Our daily content features reviews, interviews, news and opinions covering a wide spectrum of topics from music & arts to fashion & lifestyle. We believe that our content really matters to our community and only publish original work from some of the UK’s best up and coming writers every day of the week.

Launched in 2009, So So Gay currently reaches 500,000 unique readers each month and attracts around 820,000 page views. We have a highly engaged audience on social media, and several thousand subscribers to our regular email newsletters. In 2015 we are launching a series of web and audio projects as well as events.

Contact us

You’ll find our contact information below. We do get a lot of emails every day and request that emails are only sent to one of the email addresses listed.

If you are unsure where to send an enquiry we suggest using [email protected] as this address is monitored constantly and your message will always reach the most appropriate contact.

Please direct any advertising & commercial partnership enquiries, legal issues or complaints to the Publisher.

General Editorial
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief – Caspar Aremi
Managing Editor – Tom Gorton-Clark
News & Current Affairs Editor – Elliot Herman
Features Editor – Jon B
Creative Director – Sam Cady

Arts & Culture Sections
Books & Literature Editor – Randon Burns
Film Editor – Luke Hearfield
Music Editor – Elliot Robinson
Theatre/Stage Editor – James M
TV Editor – Jon B
Visual Arts Editor – Jamie Zubairi

Lifestyle Sections
Fashion & Style Editor – Tom Chapman
Food & Drink Editor – Joshua Atkins
Sport & Health Editor – Andy Walker
Tech, Games & Gadgets Editor – Tim Bowers
Travel Editor – Adam Lowe

Sending items via post
To send screeners and samples please contact the appropriate editor for a direct postal address. Alternatively you may post items to:

70B Notting Hill Gate
W11 3HT

Often it is easier to send digital files to us via Dropbox, SoundCloud or similar online services. If you wish to do so, this should be arranged with the appropriate editor.

To protect the integrity of our journalism and historic records, we have a policy not to remove or edit articles on request, unless there are factual inaccuracies or a legal ruling compels us to do so. Please contact the Publisher should you wish to make a reasonable request to edit an article.

Helping us along

Our site is powered by WordPress and is hosted on servers at WPEngine. Our theme is Engine by Industrial Themes. Our original logo & branding was designed by Scott Coello at Cribble.

The legal bit

SSG Media Ltd t/a So So Gay is a company registered in England, number 07268773. VAT registration number GB998732349. Registered address: 70B Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3JE.

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