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You Should Know About This App: Moves

Jon Hornbuckle checks out latest fitness app, Moves, and finds it has many other benefits than just tracking your work outs.

Ever woken up with a hangover and had to piece together a step-by-step reconstruction of what happened the night before? Ever wished there was an app to help you do that? Oh my god, you guys, there is!
I discovered the Moves app whilst on a short-lived health kick last autumn and thought it would be handy to keep track of how many steps I take each day, week and month. The app doesn’t drain your battery or data allowance and gives very accurate readings of your movements unlike many other tracking apps.
But what adds an edge to this over other pedometer apps is that it tells you exactly where you have been and when. This changes the game entirely.
You thought you left the bar at midnight? You then find out you stumbled home at 2am via the 24-hour McDonald’s. Be warned, this app brings you shame.
The app also tracks running and cycling and tells you how many calories you’ve burnt each day.
It might not change your life but it is a quirky little app that is straight-forward and easy to use – you simply download and it just does its thing. No complicated sign-up process – just open the app now and then and check out your movements.
Moves is available for both Android and Apple now.



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