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Interview: TOWIE’s Charlie King talks fitness

So So Gay’s fitness writer, Ed Harbourne chats to former ‘TOWIE’ star Charlie King about fitness, healthy eating and his hot body!

Many of you will recognise Charlie King as one of the characters from itv2’s hit reality show The Only Way Is Essex. Charlie became quite a favourite cast member of the show, but decided that series 9 would be his last (for a while). Like us, you might be wondering what he’s been up to since his departure. Well caught up with him to find out. If you have seen Charlie’s twitter recently, you will have noticed he’s clearly been busy with his body!  So on that note, let’s see find out how he does it, Charlie King style!

So So Gay: When did you start working out and what got you in to the gym?

Charlie King: It all started for me when I was fifteen, my cousin Michelle was an avid ‘Sly’ (Sylvester Stallone) fan and got me going with her to the gym. I started off with lots of cardio as I already loved running, but funny enough it was all down to her who got me involved with the weight side of things as she loves to hit the weights!

What is a typical gym routine for you and how many times a week do you go?

I go about five times a week starting off on a Monday with legs. I do not really have a structured gym programme as I like to just shock the body and see how or what I feel like doing on the day.

A typical legs session for me would be to start off with:

  • lying leg curls 20 x 3 sets
  • Leg Press 12 x 3 sets
  • Leg Extension 12 x 3 sets (I pyramid the weight)
  • Free bar Back Squats 12 x 3 sets
  • Single Leg Squats 15 reps then 10/12 reps x 3 sets

I then incorporate abs with most days as you work abs doing the compound lifting like clean & presses, but I also train abs three times a week. Then the rest of the programme is split into:

  • Chest & Biceps
  • Back & Triceps
  • Shoulders & Abs

Weekends I normally do a two mile run along the sea front with friends and then sometimes go for some body exercises or we use the TRX which we always have ready to go. If not it’s the famous running up the steps ‘Rocky’ style!

#Workout Motivation: At the moment Charlie is listening to Justin Timberlake’s new album at the gym!

photo (1)

‘Cheeky Charlie’

Do you take any supplements or train with anyone?

All I take at the moment is protein powder by Monkey Nutrition and then I also take Fish Oil, a Multi-Vit and some mood enhancers. I don’t train with anyone at the moment as I just train myself and then sometimes with friends on the weekends.

Do you have any personal workout advice or tips to give to our readers?

I have learnt that diet is essential, and I don’t like eating refined sugars, breads, pastas and I do think twice about what I eat. I always try and stay mindful of my carb intake and try to stick with a low carb diet.

#Tip Did you know that the brain needs 120g carbs to even function and the brain is actually made of 60% fats. So don’t always assume or get caught up with ‘low carb’ diets, unless you’re competing.

Charlie King

Showing that ‘V’ Shape

Have you got a favourite exercise? And why do you like training?

Free bar Squats – Love them!, I’ve always had good legs. I love training purely because it makes me feel good, nothing more and nothing deep.

What do you eat for breakfast and what is your favourite ‘cheat’ meal?

For breakfast I eat rolled oats with sprinkled cinnamon and I add protein power for extra protein and flavour. I then walk my dogs for an hour and come home to breakfast number two which is normally egg based, either an omelette or poached. No toast, instead I add mushrooms and tomatoes. My Favourite ‘cheat’ meal would be any type of Pizza! Although I must say I have a total addiction to…wait for it…peanut M&Ms!

Do you like to drink?

No not really, I will sometimes have a glass of red wine, I just love my sweets!

What are your plans for 2014?

2014 is shaping up nicely already which is great. I’m in a good place. I absolutely loved TOWIE and would never rule out showing my face again in the future. But at this moment, I am focused on the idea of getting into presenting. I have some exciting projects in the pipeline. Music, current affairs, animal welfare and anti-bullying are topics very close to my heart and I would love to do and in time incorporate them into my career. I am doing some stuff with Ditch the label this year which is a great organisation for anti-bullying and very keen on speaking up against homophobia and other prejudices going on in society.

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‘Selfie’ Time with Charlie & Ed

What is your fitness goal for 2014?

Since being slightly more muscular this year, this is now something I want to maintain along with my enjoyment for running and keeping my fitness levels up, I believe this is vital for me as this is something I really love. I want to keep my meditating up which is something I started last year and now believe yoga gives a lot of internal peace and harmony, making my lifestyle a good balance of body and mind. So 2014 for me is all about keeping it fun, fresh and let’s be honest, sexy!



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