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Album Review: 5 Seconds Of Summer – 5 Seconds Of Summer

Sam Johnson reviews 5 Seconds Of Summer’s self-titled debut album as it hurtles towards the top of the UK charts.

This new wave of pop-punk is really quite likable. Aussie, former-YouTube stars 5 Seconds Of Summer are riding high on this resurging trend and a proving there is still a place for it. Already hitting number one in the UK with their debut single, their success over here is actually quite suitable considering their name pretty much describes the weather of a typical British summertime.

The band’s self-titled debut 5 Seconds Of Summer offers a whole lot of raging, teenage, guitar-wielding smash hits. It’s all pretty similar sounding throughout, much like their British counterparts The Vamps, but the tracks recall a time when the Blink-182’s of the world ruled the radio.

Amongst the songs on the album is breakthrough hit ‘She Looks So Perfect’ as well as ‘18’ which makes light of the band’s youth ‘You’ve got me waiting in a line for a bar I can’t get into / I’m not old enough for you / I’ll just wait until I’m 18’ – at least they’re aware of this and not trying to grow up too quickly.

Second single ‘Don’t Stop’ has already hit No.2 in the UK singles chart and for good reason too – it’s an irrepressible, infectious number fuelled by the kind of energy  you’d expect from a band made up of teenage lads. This the music they should be making.

Don’t expect much lyrically from the songs though, there’s loads of ‘hey hey heys’ and ‘doo doo doos’ but unlike One Direction, they at least sound like they know what they want to do musically. It’s the ‘woah-oh-ohs’ that play so well into the band’s overall appeal. Added to that is the matter of how well they all seem to be playing their instruments. Well done guys. There’s some musicians double your age that don’t play half as well. Lead singer Luke Hemmings can suit his voice perfectly to every song on the album too, so props to him.

5SOSSDrippy, love-longing, preteen-pop tracks must have been left on the cutting room floor though as it seems 5 Seconds Of Summer are in fact rather naughty. Of course they’re always after some girl in tracks ‘Beside You’ and ‘Lost Boy’, but the lads really let their hormones do the talking with ‘Good Girls’ and deluxe edition bonus track ‘Voodoo Doll’.

On top of that, these boys have got major party fever. ‘Long Way Home’ and ‘Kiss Me Kiss Me’ offer toasts of ‘here’s to teenage memories’ and such. As long as this doesn’t fall on a school night, it’s fine with us. Then you have tracks like album-closer ‘Amnesia’ of which the band described as being very personal to them – whatever that really means – it’s not a song they can really get away with at this point in their lives or even career.

Anyone over the age of about twenty won’t find this relatable in the slightest and anyone with a brain would realise that’s not the point of 5 Seconds Of Summer. Maybe they’ll mature like a fine McFly someday. That’d be good to see. If you like your pop and even your rock a bit silly and youthful, you’ll like a fair few of the tracks presented here on 5 Seconds Of Summer.

Standout tracks: ‘Don’t Stop’ / ‘18’ / ‘Long Way Home’

5 Seconds Of Summer is available to download now from Amazon or iTunes.




  1. Parker

    5 Jul 2014 at 16:10

    Anyone over 20 wouldn’t find it relatable in the slightest? Those who collaborated on their tracks are over 20 and I think you’ll find mostly everyone over 20 could relate to their lyrics, because they’ve been through it themselves. A way of looking back to when they had those thoughts and went through those things, now put into songs that are incredibly catchy.
    Also, regarding ‘Amnesia’, yes, it’s a grownup song, but just because of their ages, they’re not allowed to feel it’s a very personal song? They might be teenagers, therefore people think they can’t get away with having a song as mature as this on their album and say it’s personal to them. However, despite those thoughts, they have left their home to go on tour and most likely walked away from a few things. To assume they’re not at a point in their career to get away with this song is to say that they can’t get away with ‘Beside You’, which they released on an EP back in 2012. It’s personal to them for the fact that they’ve put their blood, sweat and tears into putting that song out there for fans. They co-wrote the song with The Madden Brothers, two people who were in a band they grew up listening to and helped inspire their love for music, therefore, making it more personal. Maybe the content, in your opinion, isn’t exactly fitting to where they are as a band or as young men just yet, but it definitely is a song that anyone is able to relate to, no matter age. You should be giving them kudos for putting the song on their album.
    Would it be different if One Direction were to release it?

    • April Apple Fuentes

      8 Jul 2014 at 03:57

      are you a 5sos fam? coz i feel like you are, and i disagree of what said about the age thing, well i am 20 hell yeah & i am a girl/woman, it’s not like i can relate to there song, well a little coz i dont have a relationship ever since & i dont experience things they experienced :)

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