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Zac Efron dons tight trackies and plays with his ball

25-year old Demi-God and part-time actor Zac Efron tones and perfects his sculpted muscles on the set of new movie, ‘The Townies’.

To make Friday go that little bit faster, we thought we’d share this with you…

25-year old Demi-God and part-time actor Zac Efron, who broke his hand on the set of new movie, The Townies, lifts a big ball in the air before bouncing it while effortlessly flexing his impressively sculpted muscles. Perhaps it’s physiotherapy, or maybe a new L.A. exercise craze. Either way, we don’t really care.

Zac Efron

Zac thinks about the ball

zac efron

Zac rests the ball on his head

zac efron

Zac uses the ball to expose his midriff

Zac Efron

Zac bounces the ball




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