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You Should Know About… Green Wing

Jake Basford raves about legendary British comedy series ‘Green Wing’.

Possibly one of the funniest, and craziest, British sitcoms ever to be produced is Green Wing – a soap opera set in a hospital featuring doctors and human resources staff.

The cast, led by Tamsin Greig (Black Books, Friday Night Dinner), features some of the best British TV actors of the past decade: Olivia Colman (The Office, Hot Fuzz, Twenty-Twelve, The Iron Lady, The Accused), Sarah Alexander (Drop The Dead Donkey, Smack The Pony, Me and Mrs Jones), Oliver Chris (The Office, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, According to Bex), Michelle Gomez (Wedding Belles, The Wedding Video, Bad Education), Mark Heap (Spaced, Jam, Brass Eye), Stephen Mangan (I’m Alan Partridge, Episodes, Dirk Gently, Confetti), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Stardust), Karl Theobald (Primeval, Get Him To The Greek), Peterson Joseph (Peep Show, William and Mary, Survivors), and Sally Phillips (Smack The Pony, Jam & Jerusalem, Miranda) being the best known.

Basically, Dr Caroline Todd (Greig) goes to work in a new hospital with Mac (Rhind-Tutt) and Guy (Mangan), a lovely surgeon beloved by all – especially the insane Staff Liason Officer Sue White (Gomez) – and his posh, chauvinistic anaesthesiologist. She ends up falling for both and having to choose, all the while knowing Mac’s ex Holly (Phillips) broke his heart. Meanwhile, Martin Dear (Theobald) desperately looks for ways to increase his cool factor, and so enlists the help of Mac and Angela (Alexander) all the while crushing on Caroline, but ending up with Karen Ball (Lucinda Raikes – The Thick Of It). He also seeks approval from his mother, Joanna Clore (Pippa Haywood – The Brittas Empire), and discovers that he is also the half-brother of Guy after Guy sleeps with Joanna.

Also, Alan Statham (Heap) tries to hold onto Joanna’s affections as she crushes on Lyndon Jones (Joseph), Head of the IT Department, whilst fending off the jibes of Boyce (Chris), who is also friends with Mac, Angela, Guy and Martin. Oh, and an ambulance almost goes off a cliff, Mac is in a coma in the second season, and Sue steals Mac’s sperm and has a baby using it.

Check your sanity at the door with this hospital; worth particular mention are Sue White, who rides a camel down the corridor, highlights racism with chocolate cake, and manages to flip personalities quicker than a light-switch; Guy, for being the epitome of what is hated most about the middle-class male; Harriet (Colman), because she goes through such incredible story-arcs considering she is a minor character; and, Alan for being the fruitiest loop that has ever walked the Earth.

If you enjoy British comedy, then Green Wing is a sure fire hit for you – bizarre, dramatic and totally off-the-wall, there is a level of comedy for every palette.

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*Please note – contains very explicit language.



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