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Warwick Rowing 2014 calendar

The Warwick Rowing boys are back baring all for a good cause. We’ve taken a look at at their 2014 calendar and it is HOT!

The boys from the University of Warwick Rowing Boat Club are back with a new calendar to help raise money to help tackle homophobia.

We’ve seen the calendar and can confirm that it is their hottest yet. It has a similar feel to last year’s calendar with the photos printed in black and white, but the poses feel much more natural.



In an exclusive interview with us, the calendar’s photographer, Angus Malcolm, said: ‘I’ve gone for a very different style this year. After four years, I was tired of the static images of guys holding carefully-positioned oars! The images in the new calendar are much more dynamic, with an emphasis on capturing moments of frolicking and camaraderie among a group of boisterous young men who are friends and team-mates. But there will also be tender and poignant moments among the high-octane horseplay. Everyone who has seen them thinks we’ve really moved things forward, so I hope the rest of the world will agree!’



From a few hundred sales on campus in its first year, ‘The Naked Rowers’ as they have become known, have become an international hit with both women and gay men. Such a hit, in fact, that when the calendar went on sale last week the website buckled under the strain of the demand. In this calendar, the boys bare all in aid of Educational Action Challenging Homophobia (EACH), who work with adults and young people who are affected by homophobia and bullying.



Jonathan Charlesworth, Director of EACH, commented: ‘There can be a reluctance among males to be seen to be too bonded to their male friends in any emotional or physical way. The Warwick Rowers use tongue-in-cheek videos and photographs to challenge this, and in doing so I think they are taking a constructive and positive stand against homophobia. We are proud to be the partner agency working with them.’

The boys have also released a teaser trailer for this year’s behind the scenes video, and if it’s half as good as last year’s then it is going to be a must see.


You can purchase your copy of the Warwick Rowing 2014 calendar and pre-order your copy of the DVD on the Warwick Rowing website.





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