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True Blood’s Jessica Clark on the lesbian community

If you tune in to hit vampire show True Blood there is no way you can miss Jessica Clark who plays vampire goddess Lilith.
The former Vogue cover star, model and actress gives some insight into the role, and on the lesbian community.

If you tune in to hit vampire show True Blood there is no way you can miss Jessica Clark who plays vampire goddess Lilith. The former Vogue cover star, model and actress gave some insight to DIVA Magazine, talking about the role and the lesbian community.

On being cast in the hit HBO show:

‘I was a fan of True Blood from the pilot episode. I like Bram Stoker and Interview with The Vampire – of all those supernatural characters I’ve always responded to the vampires the most. That weird combination of the power – I’ve always considered them very sexual, sexually voracious.’

Clark also starred in the movie The Perfect Ending and like True Blood, the role required her to be nude:

‘Both Paris and Lilith are powerful, present roles. Yes, Paris is sexual and yes, she is a sex worker, but they way she uses her body and relates to her body and what that means to her is very distinct. I thought that was a beautiful message. With Lilith, very little about her nudity is sexual to me. It’s primeval and powerful – that raw essence of what it means to be that demi-god, demon, however she’s perceived. Yes, it can be titillating because we all like to see naked bodies. But that doesn’t seem like its sole purpose.’

On appearing in men’s magazines and the lesbian community:

‘I get nervous about there being a negative reaction in the lesbian community… me posing in men’s magazines could be seen as inappropriate or anti-feminist. I’ve definitely thought about that. It’s a difficult line to tread, in terms of being a feminist and very much identifying as that. I don’t think you can try to please everyone all the time so I just try to make choices on my comfort level. That applies across the board, whether I’m doing it with awareness or consciousness about my choices for accepting these roles where there is nudity. Because I am a very feminine-appearing lesbian – there’s always been talk of ‘She’s going to go back to men eventually’ or ‘She’s pretending to be gay’. Ultimately, I’m an actress so I want to choose and continue to play different people and personalities and characters, and don’t want to get hung up on whether that stereotypes me. I want to feel free to act, so I transfer or extend that to my appearances in men’s magazines.’

Season 6 of True Blood airs on Fox in the UK at 10pm every Monday night.



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  1. paulakey

    1 Jun 2014 at 18:17

    She is a pleasure to blog on my lesbian site: NOT a porn site.
    Jessica, like ellen, are great examples to lesbians who are forced underground or victims of prejudice and even ‘corrective rape.’ We also need to give society a look at the variation of lesbians from extremely fem to extremely butch. Jessica has beauty, creativity and brains.

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