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Travel dating: survey reveals top 10 Pride ‘Gay-taways’

Travel dating: survey reveals top 10 Pride ‘Gay-taways’

by Young Tan6 Jun 2013

The world’s first and only travel dating website,, has released its list of Top 10 Pride ‘Gay-taways’ – the most popular destinations booked by its LGBT community. One in three of MissTravel’s LBGT members – over 38,000 of them – will be travelling during Pride season. surveyed the 12,338 total trips scheduled by its LBGT community and Key West came out on top with 2,039 confirmed travel dates during Pride season.

When MissTravel members arrange a destination date, they have the following three options: ‘Travel with Me’, ‘Show Me Your Town’, and ‘Come to Me’. 10,118 (82 percent) of the gay members chose a ‘Travel with Me’ date, 1,233 (10 percent) members chose a ‘Come to Me’ date, and 987 (8 percent) members chose a ‘Show Me Your Town’ date. Below is this year’s list of leading locations for trips scheduled from 24 March to 30 June:

1. Key West, FL – 2,039

2. Washington, D.C. – 1,647

3. Orlando, FL – 1,451

4. San Diego, CA – 1,320

5. Houston, TX – 1,207

6. Boston, MA – 1,193

7. San Francisco, CA – 1,108

8. Minneapolis, MN – 855

9. Philadelphia, PA – 604

10. New Orleans, LA – 528

Other cities accounted for a further 338 ‘Gay-taways’. Brandon Wade, Founder and CEO of this revolutionary travel and dating website, says, ‘With over 12,000 trips already scheduled, Pride Month is the most active travel season for our gay demographic. Clearly, this is the perfect time for our LBGT community to unite and experience Pride together.’ is the only dating site where generous travellers can find or are paired with travel companions for a destination date and for those who are offered a date will be guaranteed free travel and other expenses paid for or sponsored by the person who asked them. The website boasts over 275,000 members worldwide and so far over 201,000 proposed trip offers have been made.

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