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Russia: Charities seek high-profile designer to create anti-homophobia Sochi 2014 motif

Athlete Ally and the All Out campaign call upon the fashion community to show their support against Russia’s oppression of the LGBT community

Two charities have begun an international search for a well-known designer to create an anti-homophobia logo.

Athlete Ally and All Out want the logo to be worn during the 2014 Winter Olympics, which take place in Sochi, Russia.

If you frequent this site often, you will be aware of So So Gay‘s coverage of the atrocities taking place under President Putin’s leadership. Since June, anything that promotes a gay lifestyle is considered illegal in Russia.

It is hoped that the motif, to be worn by athletes choosing to show support, will: ‘powerfully reject the anti-gay propaganda law in solidarity with Russian groups demanding equal rights,’ said All Out co-founder and executive director Andre Banks.

‘One of the most effective things we can do at the games is to amass a global army of athlete allies who demonstrate their support for the LGBT citizens of Russia and LGBT athletes around the world,’ said Brian Ellner, Athlete Ally board member and LGBT rights strategist. ‘We look forward to partnering on the development of that symbol.’

With a host of designers being openly gay, it shouldn’t be hard for the charities to find their man. Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Christopher Bailey at Burberry, John Galliano, Julien Macdonald and Givenchy’s Ricardo Tisci could all step up to the mark.

This week has seen the first high-profile celebrities come forward and voice their disgust at Russia’s new law. Lady Gaga spoke out against the oppression via Twitter, first tweeting:

She continued with:

Stephen Fry has also published on open letter to David Cameron and the International Olympic Committee.

You can find out more by visiting the websites of Athlete Ally or All Out.

So So Gay Style encourages you to tweet this article to your favourite designer to raise awareness.



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  1. JONES

    9 Aug 2013 at 00:46

    In comment at All Out I suggested a Russian flag with a Nazi Germany Pink Triangle imposed on it. Arm bands, T’s, Flags.

    Recently a Russian LGBT activist was arrested for unfurling a banner that read ‘Gay is Normal’.

    That is a simple but profoundly elegant rejoinder to Kirill & Putin’s anti-gay laws claiming to protect children when the actual harm is to LGBT children who don’t get to hear that they are in fact normal.

    Either or both.

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