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Restaurant Review: Sticks N Sushi, Wimbledon

Perfection in sushi – Sticks N Sushi is a welcome import from Copenhagen.

We could easily slip into a very common pattern when it comes to discussing Japanese food, discussing cultural history and east-to-west migration. Instead we would rather talk about Sticks N Sushi, the best mother-jonesing sushi place we have eaten at.



With nine restaurants in Copenhagen, Sticks N Sushi have decided to expand to London, opening a restaurant in Wimbledon and another soon to be coming to Covent Garden. Upon arriving we noticed how out of the way it appeared, despite being on a heavy-traffic street, with little in the way of obvious promotion to the casual passer-by. And with well-known neighbours like Wagamama just a few doors down, who would have thought that Sticks N Sushi would be packed on a Monday night, with competitors only half full? The reason for this: the best sushi in town.

After walking into Sticks N Sushi to find it colder than a witch’s left one (gratefully received, and the deciding factor for our dining partner, considering the recent temperatures outside), we were greeted by a fantastically helpful staff and seated to our table with a cocktail. The ‘Shojito’ is a Japanese variant on the classic Mojito and comes in two flavours – we would recommend the Raspberry, as it is more refreshing (but then not being fanatical about the taste of ginger, we would).

We started with the Salmon Carpaccio, perfect salmon sushi in a gorgeous sauce that literally melted in the mouth, and the Beef Tataki, like expertly prepared mini steaks. These were chosen off of the Sticks N Sushi a la carte menu, as our server recommended a dish that one of our party was allergic to. We chose these two off the same page, and were not disappointed.

Yatikori, Edamame and Chicken

Yatikori, Edamame and Chicken

The set menu at Sticks N Sushi ranges from £7-89 depending on your budget and how much you can eat. It is split into Economy, Business, and First Classes, with an optional ‘Private Jet’ for those wanting to pay top-dollar. We fully recommend the set menu, as the meals around the middle spectrum (Business Class) are enough to fill two people, but not break the bank, and any additional side orders cost approximately the same as a dish in a Chinese takeout place.

Our choice was the Mixed Emotions for two: shrimp, tuna, salmon and herring nigri; California rolls in tuna, spicy tuna and avocado; fish futomaki; yakitori with asparagus and bacon, chicken tsukune, and pork marinated in miso; and, edamame beans. We also went for the additional pop chicken. While the cooked yakitori and chicken were being prepared, we were served with the nigri, California rolls and futomaki first, all of which were simply sublime with fresh ingredients and gorgeous texture. The yakitori were brought out perfectly at the right time, with the best balls we have ever had in our mouth and a surprisingly delicious asparagus. The mini chicken drumsticks were an excellent addition to the meal.

We had a pile of food on our plates, scrumptious cocktails, with friendly and knowledgeable service. Sticks N Sushi could not be recommended highly enough for sushi lovers. And guess what – they also do takeout!

Sticks N Sushi is located at 58 Wimbledon Hill Road, London, with the restaurant open from 11am-11pm and the Kitchen open from 12pm



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