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North East gay street artist IDa4 on European ‘exchange art tour’

North East gay street artist IDa4 on European ‘exchange art tour’

by Lee Williscroft-Ferris13 Oct 2013

Newcastle gay street artist IDa4 is attracting a great deal of press coverage as he continues on his European ‘exchange art tour.’ The concept is simple: IDa4, the pseudonym used by Chris Fleming, visits a range of European cities, painting murals of the local people and landmarks in exchange for food and accommodation.

Fleming’s travels have so far taken him to Belgium, where he has attracted the attention of the local press and is scheduled to paint at at least three festivals. In addition, Fleming has been invited to France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany and the Netherlands, with many more expected to be announced.

IDa4’s recent protest piece, inspired by the ongoing debate surrounding next year’s Winter Olympics in Russia, has been an instant online hit, retweeted by Stephen Fry and even catching the eye of Amnesty International UK.

Fleming expects to be on the road for at least a year and is travelling with his long-term partner.

For more information on IDa4, visit his official website and to keep up to date with his journey, visit his blog. You can also follow IDa4 on Twitter.

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