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David Cameron: ‘I’m proud of gay marriage bill’

David Cameron: ‘I’m proud of gay marriage bill’

by Jamie Clarke23 May 2013

Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken passionately in defence of his controversial gay marriage bill which has publicly divided the Conservative party.

He told BBC Radio 4: ‘I think we should think about it like this – that there will be young boys in schools today who are gay, who are worried about being bullied, who are worried about what society thinks of them, who can see that the highest Parliament in the land has said that their love is worth the same as anybody else’s love and that we believe in equality.’

With Stonewall reporting that 55% of LGBT children are bullied in school, Cameron hopes that equal marriage being passed will help make the lives of young gay people easier. ‘I think they will stand that bit taller today and I’m proud of the fact that that has happened.’

Britain, if the gay marriage bill is approved in the House of Lords, will follow France who made marriage available to all last week amidst much protest. Cameron said, ‘Every country across the world is having to address this. In New Zealand a centre-right Government has just legalised gay marriage. 11 or 12 states in the US have done the same thing.’

‘On the gay marriage issue, this is an issue clearly that divides the country. It certainly divides the Conservative Party.

 But I think it is right for Britain, like other countries, to take on this issue and to determine the right approach and that’s exactly what I’ve done and I’m proud of the fact that this legislation has now passed the House of Commons. That’s a good thing.’

The bill will be debated in the House of Lords next Wednesday, when more controversy and heated discussion is expected.


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