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Breaking News: Concern grows for Russian LGBT activist Nikolai Alekseev

Lee Williscroft-Ferris reports on growing concerns for the safety and wellbeing of leading LGBT rights activist Nikolai Alekseev.

Facebook friends of Nikolai Alekseev, the man at the forefront of the struggle for LGBT equality in Russia are growing increasingly concerned following a serious of bizarre posts on his profile.

The lawyer, often quoted by international media as the most influential, high-profile LGBT activist in Russia, has aroused concern with a series of posts criticising ‘Westerners’ for their ‘colonialism’ and ‘imperialism’ towards Russia. Friends immediately voiced their suspicion that Alekseev’s account had been hacked due to the sudden and uncharacteristic change in tone.

Although Alekseev is known for his blunt approach and occasional outbursts of frustration at what he perceives as inappropriate responses to the oppression of LGBT people in Russia, the situation became even more worrying when a series of status updates appeared naming various American ‘friends’ as ‘paedophiles’.

Perhaps most unnerving of all, earlier today, a series of photographs were posted to Alekseev’s account under the title ‘Kidnapping’. In the album were three images of Alekseev in a bunker-like location dressed only in his underwear. A subsequent status update made reference to a ‘porno contract’.

The concerns being expressed are that Alekseev has been abducted and that his Facebook account is being used to alienate his supporters outside Russia or, alternatively, that Alekseev’s state of mind is fragile following years of ferocious battles against homophobia in his homeland.

Earlier this week, Alekseev was summoned before a committee to answer charges of libelling two politicians who had played a central role in the introduction of an ‘anti-gay propaganda’ law. The timing of the erratic updates has led some to speculate that Alekseev was, in fact, detained following the hearing and that his account is being updated by his opponents in an attempt to undermine him.

So So Gay will report further as the situation develops and as further facts emerge.




  1. bandanajack

    19 Aug 2013 at 03:06

    i can find no instances of those occurrences you quote anywhere in my normal search patterns. do you have links to these apparent aberrations? if not, where did you get your information. in truth i have been hoping that his high profile in the western world might provide some level of safety for him, as having him go missing will raise the hackles of the west substantially…

  2. dougkerr

    19 Aug 2013 at 04:06

    I am facebook friends with Nikolai and I have been very surprised by his postings in the past few days. It doesn’t seem like him at all…

  3. SOKOL77

    19 Aug 2013 at 20:11

    He has just gone mad. Still very active on Twiter and Instagram.

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