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Book Review: Gillian Flynn – Gone Girl

Sarah Kilby tells you exactly why everyone should read Gone Girl. Once you’ve picked it up, you just can’t stop…

Gone Girl is a literary triumph. From page one you are absolutely gripped. The premise of the novel is that Nick Dunne, a former journalist, has been accused of murdering his wife on the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary. The story follows Nick as he attempts to prove his innocence or at least cover up his guilt. Nick is portrayed as a bad husband with some less than desirable traits. His beautiful wife Amy on the other hand is adored and seen as capable of doing no wrong.

Nick is a struggling writer who has lost his job in New York, returning to his Missouri home to look after his ailing parents. His wife Amy was also a writer who has been let go from her job as well. She is New York born and raised, and seemingly struggles to integrate in to her new life in the South. She comes from a wealthy family which it appears is bankrolling Nick and the bar he now owns with his sister Go.

The narrative is very cleverly done as it splits between the murder investigation from Nicks point of view with previous diary entries of Amy’s. The twist in the middle of the book is a complete surprise and will leave you gnawing at your hand wondering what the hell just happened.

It’s hard to really discuss the book without giving too much of the plot away. The novel twists, turns and has you on the edge of your seat. It is a complete emotional roller coaster, and makes you have so much resolve that you know what the characters are like and their inevitable next move.

It truly is a fascinating read. Other reviews of Gone Girl have spoken of how once you read it you want others to as well so as to have someone to discuss it with, or having feelings of jealousy at people just starting the book. It’s safe to say that they are not wrong.

Page after page you get more and more sucked in to the investigation, and are eager to know exactly what’s going to happen next. Finishing it is actually disappointing and leaves you wanting more. The ending of the book is frustrating as it provides no real resolution, but this doesn’t deter from the overall enjoyment. The title might imply that it’s chick-lit that only caters to women, but really it’s a psychological thriller that can be devoured by anyone.

The rights to the book have already been scooped up to be made in to a film which will surely be just as gripping and nerve wracking.

Gone Girl is available from Amazon.



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