At So So Gay we know what it takes to be a Gay Best Friend. We understand there’s a precedent that gays have to live up to: we’re supposed to be sassy and fashion-forward, bitchy and full of wit, charisma and charm. ‘Double entendre’ should be our middle name.

However, we also know we’re not all walking stereotypes – as Mikala discovers about her Gay Best Friend Tyler in this series of hilarious video shorts

We first stumbled over these clips about a year ago, and having recently rediscovered them, thought we’d share. Enjoy!


More videos from the series can be found here:

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Matt currently resides in North London and spends his working week in Fashion Retail. A lover of a daytime drinking, he can often be found pouring Rioja while he catches up on Strictly Come Dancing. He'd like to do the foxtrot with James Jordan and be able to dance half as good as his namesake, Ms. Bussell.