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Track Review: Dragonette – Merry Xmas (Says Your Text Message)

Greg White has a listen to ‘Merry Xmas (Says Your Text Message)’ – a fun and original Christmas track by pop band Dragonette.

Dragonette have decided to help us all get into the Christmas spirit this year by releasing a fun little ‘Xmas’ track. The band explained on their website: ‘we love everything about Christmas-time and the drinking season in general, except hearing the same 10 songs over and over again. So here’s one you’ve never heard before… ’cause it’s brand spankin’ new, like a freshly unwrapped pair of long-johns. Hope this song warms up your winter spirit!’

The group make a good point. Who isn’t sick of hearing the same Christmas songs re-done over and over again every winter? It’s always nice when some original yuletide music comes around. Produced and written by Dan and Martina of the band, the song is awash with slick guitars, sleigh bells, and catchy melodies. Lyrically, this isn’t exactly your typical cozy Christmas earful: ‘all the candy cane you got / it doesn’t equal sweet when you’re just plain nuts … merry Xmas says your text message / but you’re late by a day or two / so mine says thanks a lot, and f*** you’.

This track is just the kind of quirky and solid pop we’ve come to expect from Dragonette. The song has already been hailed by Popjustice as ‘a really good tune, and not the same old s*** people put in Christmas songs’. While it’s not exactly a track that would warm the heart of a seasonal Scrooge, it certainly brings a bit of campy fun to the winter months.

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