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Track Review: Cher – Woman’s World

With the legendary Cher preparing for her return, Young takes a listen to her new single, ‘Woman’s World’, taken from her forthcoming album, and loves it.

Everyone please bow down for the return of the Almighty Cher, for she is back. And she’s back with a bang. The 66-year-old legend makes her comeback to the music scene her twenty-sixth – yes, really – solo studio album entitled Closer To The Truth, to be released in September. It will be her first album since Living Proof back in 2001. The long-awaited lead single from the album that Cher has mentioned on Twitter a lot (in between her mainly political rants) is entitled ‘Woman’s World’ and is her first official single since 2003, if you discount ‘You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me’ from the Burlesque soundtrack in 2010.

A heavy, uptempo dance track that is reminiscent of ‘Believe’, ‘Strong Enough’ and Living Proof, ‘Woman’s World’ is a strong, loud and empowering feminist anthem. It’s lyrics are about the end of a broken relationship and how Cher is overcoming it, singing softly to the almost trance-like opening bass of the verses: ‘I’m dancin’ solo, in the dark on the club floor/ I need to let it go, shake it off, stop thinkin’ ’bout you’, before belting her lungs out in the chorus as the beat thumps loudly: ‘Torn up, busted, taken apart/ I’ve been broken down, left with a broken heart/ But I’m stronger, strong enough to rise above/ This is a woman’s world, this is a woman’s world’. In the middle eight, Cher directly addresses all the ladies out there – a typical thing you’d expect a song like this to do, as she sings: ‘All the women in the world, stand up, come together now/ This is a woman’s world/ Everybody in the club, stand up, come together now/ This is a woman’s world’, although we reckon the majority of those dancing to this will be her beloved gay men.

Even though now in her mid-sixties, the seemingly ageless Cher not only still has the ability to pull off being relevant, but her unique, strong and enchantingly deep vocals are still in fine form, even if they are often sadly underrated. ‘Woman’s World’ is a real club banger of a song that easily sits alongside those from the younger generation yet still stands out as distinctive. It’s a hit Madonna probably wishes she had recorded and could pull off, while simultaneously leaving those who Cher has inspired over the past four decades – and counting – in awe.

Take a listen to the track below and tell us what you think. Are you excited about Cher’s return or do you think she’s past it (heaven help you!)? Let us know below or on Facebook and Twitter.

 You can download ‘Woman’s World’ and pre-order the the album on US iTunes, but no news elsewhere has been released yet.



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