The following is an open letter to the Christian Conservative movement in the United States, also known as the ‘Religious Right’. These individuals are in charge of some of the most prolific anti-gay political organisations that work to influence legislation in an effort to limit the rights of the LGBTQ community, often behind the mask of religion.

Dearest Religious Conservatives,

Although you are still licking your wounds from the severe Presidential butt-whooping you received on November 6th, I am breaking my own rule of not kicking anyone while they’re down to drop this tidbit on you, as we move towards the Christmas season. Wait for it: drag queens have religion too. It’s not uncommon knowledge today that gays and lesbians are filling the pews of all denominations, refusing to relinquish their relationship with God to a few hate-spewing bigots. What’s not quite as well known though is that behind all of our wigs, foundation and paint, ladyboys too are dropping to our knees for God, maybe even more often than for the preacher’s son.

Oh neighbour, your church fan is flipping faster than your failed Romney did on the issues. Face facts. As I look over the life of Christ, I see many instances where his ministry centered on those considered outside of the mainstream. I don’t however read about him dining with the outwardly religious, but rather with prostitutes, tax collectors and women, who were similarly the second class citizens of their day. Therefore, it really pisses me off when you political and religious conservatives act holier than thou, like you have a lock on God. If Jesus were to come back now I think he would be far more apt to show up at one of my drag performances than your local church.

In fact, I challenge your belief that a boy in a dress is an ungodly sinner. While drag is filled with delicious irreverence, queens must rely on something deeper to allow us to be fearless in exploring our many selves. In fact, it takes a strong and grounded faith for a man to stand up in six-inch heels. Not only am I personally prayerful that I don’t fall flat on my face, but equally so that I represent anyone who is different with both dignity and grace.

Finally, we drag queens actually perform a sacred service in today’s world. While the religious right spends their time pontificating and pointing out the faults of others, we lift spirits through oversized personalities, wigs and bazooms. When people see us they are reminded that life is full of humour and that individual fierceness is worth fighting for.

Alas, as we move into this season of giving, I ask you conservatives to end your holy war on those of us that have a different set of social values. Embrace the reality that we are all entitled to know God, regardless of our sexuality or gender. For in the end, I believe He will be far more concerned with the depth of our hearts than the tightness of our tuck.


Jeza Belle