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Lana Del Rey: new video and remix featuring Azealia Banks

Lana Del Rey announces the video for upcoming single ‘Carmen’, as well as an exciting remix of ‘Blue Jeans’ featuring Azealia Banks

One of the biggest stars of 2012 so far, Lana Del Rey, appears to have been very busy of late. Last week saw two announcements from the US singer. The first concerned the release of the video for Del Rey’s next single from the number 1 album, Born To Die. ‘Carmen’ will be the follow-up single to the brilliant ‘Video Games’, ‘Born To Die’ and ‘Blue Jeans’.

A standout track from the album, ‘Carmen’ appears to centre on archetypal all-round popular girl about town. The video sees Del Rey go back to the basics that made the video for her debut single such a huge YouTube phenomenon. Made up of disjointed snippets of video footage from a variety of sources, the overall vibe of the video suits the song to perfection. You can see the video here;

In other news, Del Rey has unveiled a rather exciting remix of her last single, ‘Blue Jeans’. The remix is the creation of Smims & Belle and features a new verse recorded by promising newcomer, Azealia Banks, of ‘212’ fame. An unlikely collaboration it may be, but it’s a funky remix and definitely worth a few minutes of your time.





  1. ThisIsTheGirl

    2 May 2012 at 08:53

    This is pretty cool too, Video Games as an 80’s kind of electro disco thing (if that makes sense): 

  2. Richardkjohnson

    2 May 2012 at 12:55

    Is this remix going to be released as a download…?

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