This Sunday sees the London Eurovision Party celebrate its 5th birthday. The annual event, held at Soho’s Shadow Lounge, is seen as a preview of some of the acts competing for the Eurovision title. Last year’s participants included the legendary Dana International, who, unfortunately, failed to qualify from the 2011 semi-final.

As we write, there are nine acts lined up to appear at this year’s event. They include San Marino representative, Valentina Monetta, with her now (in)famous ‘Social Network Song (Uh, Oh, Oh)’, as well as the contestants from Hungary, Macedonia, Portugal, Lithuania, Slovenia and France. Host nation Azerbaijan will also be represented by Sabina Babayeva.

So So Gay will be at the party to catch up with

this year’s hopefuls and will update you on their plans for Baku.

In the meantime, check out London Eurovision Party‘s website for more information.