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Episode Review: Hit & Miss – Episode 4

So So Gay continues its coverage of the continuing drama series, Hit & Miss.

The tension has been almost unbearable this week as outside threats begin to appear, and Mia’s desires for a family and an identity finally begin to bubble to the surface and are forcing her to consider her future.

This has been a really interesting episode for Mia which sees her discovering the truth about Riley’s secret pregnancy, and wanting her to keep the baby with her support. Its a surprisingly touching moment for her which shows that no matter how much she can look like a woman, there are still going to be some things which will be beyond her grasp. Its hard not to feel for her, and Chloe Sevigny has done a spectacular job of keeping us engaged with her character, ensuring that she never feels contrived. We also got another glimpse into her relationship with Ben, (played by the stunning and sexy Jonas Armstrong) and shows how, even after Mia’s revelation, their relationship is still developing. We also have to say that Ben’s confused depiction has been very sincere and honest, without giving in to any potential melodrama or transphobia. It would have been easy to just write off the character after Mia’s secret was revealed, but instead it allowed things to develop naturally and at its own pace which helped the characters retain the organic and gritty feel we fell in love with in the first place.

As mentioned earlier, since Riley revealed her pregnancy to Mia she is having a hard time trying to decide how to proceed. With her capricious former lover pushing for a termination, and Mia trying to convince her to keep it, we are left with a very confused young girl who is uncertain how to proceed.Things are complicated further when she and the family come under threat from a mysterious person who has been slowly creeping into their lives. This story comes to a head in truly spectacular fashion, seeing Leoni walking away with him when she is left unsupervised. Its a thoroughly disturbing moment which made the audience feel deeply uneasy, but it was handled well and kept us gripped. The eventual revelation of his identity was a terrific coup, and it shows that the series is not going to hold back.

In what is possibly one of Mia’s most risky hits to date, she proves just how ruthless she can be by doing the job in record time, while the kids are still in the car waiting. Its a terrific little scene which helps remind us just how nuanced and complex a character she is. It also helps to show that even with her familial desires and new relationship, Mia is still a killer, and a gloriously effective killer at that. Sadly the prosthetic makes yet another appearance, this time in the shower, as it seeks to remind us we are dealing with a transexual character… as if we could forget. We have noted this in previous weeks, but we know what the story is about and the desire to keep bringing the prosthetic up (for lack of a better word) feels too lazy at this point.

The conclusion of the episode was slowly paced but surprisingly brutal and bloody, and in many ways that escalated the tension to a crescendo. It also managed to add another new complication to the troubled young family which will keep things more than interesting for the final two weeks of its run. We can hardly wait.



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