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Eazy Street Cabaret Club Launches in Durham

Dan Pharoah reports on the launch of Durhams first ever Cabaret night, Eazy Street.

“Durham will never be the same!” The words of the hopeful duo behind the launch of Durham’s first ever Cabaret Club – Eazy Street. Monday (23rd April) saw the curtains open on the new venture; headed by Paul Rowe and Joe Henry of HH Leisure LTD. The pair have vowed to bring fun and flamboyancy to the Cathedral City with the expansion of their Newcastle based brand, so we got our glad rags on and popped along to find out what all the fuss what about.

Leading the all-singing, all-dancing line-up was ‘The Showbears’ very own David Dale, as seen on Britain’s Got Talent, followed by an impressive performance from songstress Karen Kennedy Trevey who covered a catalogue of Adele classics to a rapturous mob. An abundance of feathers and fabulous drag ensued from the likes of Miss Vicky Paris and Tess Tickle but we were left wondering if Durham was ready for the glamour, glitz and gays of Eazy Street?

Entertainer and compere for the evening Miss Carla Jackson didn’t think so, saying: “No, but it’s in need of a shock, an Eazy Street shock.”

General Manager Mr.Rowe added: “Durham is nice but it’s bland, it’s starved of entertainment. We feel Durham is ready for a few sequins and something uniquely Eazy Street.”

The launch night attracted a mixed bunch, plenty of gay guys and girls, a rabble of intrigued onlookers greeted by stilt walkers, drag queens and a host of homos lining the paths of a neglected North Road, and of course the Durham student crowd – buying champers on Daddy’s card, we imagine.

Mr. Rowe, who hopes curiosity will drive initial footfall said: “It’s like Eazy Street Newcastle but on a larger scale, we’ve got quite a broad audience. It’s not in-your-face gay and we’re hoping everybody comes at least once, it’s like Marmite.”

Durham might not be ready for the Eazy Street magic just yet but by gosh if this lot can’t crack the cobbles of the sleepy city then no-one can.

The venture, which comes with big investment and big risk not only hopes to bring the cream of cabaret to the North East but has created over 20 new jobs for

the City Centre.

Eazy Street – Durham, situated on North Road in the former LOFT nightclub opens again tonight (Thursday 26th April) with the launch of ‘Double Trouble’ and then again every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with dancing until 3am.



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