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Book Review: October Jones – Texts From Dog

Jake Basford reviews the latest book produced as a result of a Tumblr account, Texts From Dog

Having been interviewed by The Guardian and featured heavily on the Huffington Post UK’s site, we figured we would check out the new Texts From Dog book by October Jones. Following on from the hilarious Tumblr account about how October and his dog chat via text message, the book is a coagulation of old and new material.

For those of you who don’t know, October Jones has a dog that sends him texts, and he acknowledges on the cover of the book that it’s weird. The texts cover a range of subjects, from what Dog gets up to during the day, the philosophical nature of chasing sticks, and the relationship between various animals.

Depicted in screenshots from the text message screen of an iPhone, these conversations are immediately funny and sharp. Reminiscent of the comedy of Jeff Dunham, except in a written format, there is no physical puppet to voice the illusion; aided only by cartoon pictures and picture messages, it allows your imagination to really run riot with what Batdog really looks like.

Smart and ironically funny, Texts From Dog answers the question that has run through the mind of every dog owner at some stage or another – what the hell is it doing that for?

Minor complaints about timeline and repetition of entries are present in our mind as we closed the book, but these are issues that should be brought up with the publishers as opposed to the author. For example, hearing about how Zombie Pigeon has gone before hearing what the hell Zombie Pigeon was may have been a mistake on that front. Fortunately, if you have read the Texts From Dog tumblr account as we have, then you will be able to forgive such minor indiscretions.

Although this is a combination we have heard before, the introduction of technology into the mix really makes this book stand out. We love it, and can’t wait to read more.

You can buy Texts From Dog by October Jones on Amazon now.



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