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Have you been Tube Crushed?

There is something voyeuristic lurking on London’s public transport system and it goes by the name Tube Crush. Dan Lambden speaks to the site creators…

Men of London, watch yourselves. On the commute to work, en route to the gym or whilst coming home from a night out you may be watched: There is something voyeuristic lurking on the capital’s public transport system and it goes by the name of Tube Crush.

The latest craze of sneakily capturing images of unsuspecting hunks on the tube then posting them up on has hit London. Here at So So Gay, we’ve been keeping an eye on this behaviour and have studied the site intently – for purely research purposes, of course.

The creators – a foursome of flatmates; Steven, Andy, Michael and Gemma – came up with the idea after a typical Saturday night’s banter  turned into a discussion about the hot men they’ve noticed on the tube. A brainstorm and a domain name purchase later and Tube Crush, a ‘Homage to Hommes’, was born.

The site has recently been mentioned by national newspapers, celebrities and social networking sites. The storm it caused on Twitter resulted in its appearance on daytime show Loose Women, and numerous mentions on XFM.

This high profile praise has seen the site’s visitors increase rapidly, and the number of entries grow too. According to Andy from Team Tube Crush ‘we are sometimes faced with the tough job of wading through photos of handsome men to choose the best ones.’ We’re sure it’s such a chore.

The site has been very popular with the gay social media audience also, with many both on the prowl with cameras at the ready as well as posing in hope of getting snapped. ‘We are indebted to the gay community for spreading the word about Tube Crush. It would not have taken off like it has without this core set of fans, so we are really proud and grateful to have such enthusiastic followers.’

Many of the entries who have found themselves on the site have been very excited and flattered. Ed Norman, aka Popeye Guns, was particularly happy with his appearance and contacted the team to tell them he’s become a bit of a legend amongst his friends since appearing on the site.

The lovely gays and girls at Tube Crush have shared 5 easy steps on how to photograph someone on the tube:

1. Mission: Position When you’ve spotted your potential Tube Crush, make sure you’re in position to get a good shot and there is no chance of a rogue tourist getting in the way. The best opportunities are often mid-journey while your target is distracted. You’ll also notice from the photos that most of the best posts are taken when the tubes aren’t so crowded.

2. Lights (off), Camera, Action Tube Crush is all about stealth, so lighting up the carriage as you take the picture is a rookie mistake and going to draw attention. Turn your flash and sound off your camera. If in doubt, pretend you’re playing Angry Birds and cough when you press the shutter button.

3. Location, location, location You can check to see the most popular line using the site’s categories function. Currently the Northern Line currently seems to be the richest resource of handsome men.

4. Honesty is the best policy Failing all of the above just try and strike up a conversation with the target hottie and ask if you can take their photo. You never know, you may get a date out of it.

5. Submission Send your entries, with you name/alias, date, tube line into [email protected]

So what comes next for Tube Crush? They are currently developing an iPhone and Android app, enabling people to upload pictures, access the site on the go and some other exciting features. They are also considering adding a dating aspect to the site.

So next time you take public transport make sure you look your best as you never know who might be Tube Crushing on you.



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