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Interview: Eric Saade

So So Gay swoons over Swedish sensation Eric Saade.

Eurovision: it’s a funny old thing. What the homosexual equivalent to the World Cup lacks in subtlety, it certainly makes up for in being absolutely bonkers. Year in, year out, we’re treated to everything from transvestite air stewardesses (Slovenia 2003) to disco centurions (Ukraine 2009). But for all its gaudy brilliance, Eurovision rarely delivers artists who manage to overcome the kitsch factor, who’ll you’ll be interested in long after the glitter has been swept up and the hangovers from the night itself have worn off. Enter Eric Saade, Sweden’s equivalent to Justin Timberlake. Asides from being fairly pleasing aesthetically (to put things mildly), Mr Saade is also a rather decent singer and dancer. After enthralling girls (and boys) across Sweden and coming third in Eurovision this year, he’s now got his eyes firmly set on world domination, as he tells So So Gay

SSG: Hi Eric! How are you doing?

Eric Saade: I’m fine! A bit tired but good!

What’ve you been up to since Eurovision?

I’ve been creating my concert, Made of Pop in Sweden! And also been writing songs for my new album.

Although you obviously hoped to win Eurovision, did you expect Azerbaijan to perform as well?

I’m glad I didn’t win actually; I just wanted to show Europe what I do and who I am! Azerbaijan had a good song. They were worthy winners!

What was your favourite song performed at Eurovision this year (asides from ‘Popular’, obviously)?

‘Taken by a Stranger’ by Lena.

Do you think that you will enter Melodifestivalen again in the next few years?

No, absolutely not. That was the beginning of the first chapter in my career. I want to continue and go further and further!

In what way is your second album, Saade Vol. 1 be different from Masquerade, your debut?

I’m on my way to find my own sound. It’s still the beginning of what I’m searching for. Right now it’s getting more and more electro-pop!

Like your fellow Swede Robyn, you’re going to release more than one album in a year. Why did you decide to do this?

I had so much material! I’m in a great songwriting mood, so I didn’t want to waste all that on just one album!

So how will Saade Vol. 1 and Saade Vol. 2 sound different from each other?

There won’t be a big difference. It’s mostly the same album, just in two parts.

What singles do you have planned after ‘Hearts In The Air’?

I can’t tell yet. But if someone asks me which song I think is the best song on the album, I would say ‘Timeless’. So maybe Timeless!

After success in Sweden, what plans do you have to release your music across Europe and the UK?

I hope I can release my music all over Europe and start doing live shows too. But we are just in the beginning of that. It’ll take time, but I’ll fight to get there.

Are you still in contact with your ex-bandmates from What’s Up! ?

Maybe a little bit, but not much.

Who do you most admire in Scandinavian pop music?

Max Martin is fantastic!

When you’re not performing, what do you like to get up to?

I just like to hang out with my friends and family.

Tell us, are you still dating Molly Sanden?


The album Saade Vol. 1 will be released in the UK later this year.

For more information about Eric Saade visit his official website and follow him on Twitter @EricSaadeMusic



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  1. Liam Clark

    19 Jul 2011 at 12:58

    Sestre (The Slovene air stewardesses) were in 2002, Unless you’re suggesting Karmen Stavec is a transvestite too.

    The interview was a little reserved, but then again everything I’ve seen of Saade paints him as much more shy in person than his stage persona seems. 

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