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Lady GaGa – Bad Romance

I’m not convinced this is any better than anything on The Fame – but it’s no worse, either, and that’s a pretty great album.

Gaga in bed with a skeleton. Why not?

Bad Romance is out now (on iTunes for 99p, or Amazon for 29p) (not sure when it came out, of if it’s charted already?) but the video was released yesterday and has been HUGE on Twitter and Facebook.  It’s been a Twitter trend for most of the day and I’m pretty sure most of the people I follow have discussed it by now.

It’s a bit of a Blade Runner type scenario, apparently a vision of something going on behind her striped glasses in reality. It seems to show her dancing and performing for a group of guys, before being bought by one for his personal pleasure in a range of very exotic scenarios before ending with her lying on a charred bed next to a skeleton.

I’m quite impressed to be honest.  This could easily have come out so bad.  The song itself is very listenable.  The video looks very slick and high budget.  It’s reminiscent of Kylie’s Can’t get you out of my head.

I hope to be dancing to this plenty in the coming weeks! The video states she’s got an 8 track album coming out at the end of November. 8 tracks sounds a bit stingy but considering how busy she seems to be appearing at every event imaginable and touring it’s unbelievable she’s had time to record tracks and make videos like this.



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